Kristal is a wonderful girl,
Grandpa Humphreys loves her so,
But he's not the only one,
She sets ALL hearts aglow!

Grandma Parle also loves her,
As do many others,
Cousins she has hundreds of,
But alas, there are no big brothers.

I'm sure she'd like a "little" brother,
But would love whatever may come,
That is up to Dale and Theresa,
They are Kristal's dad and mom.

Next is Debbie, George & Shawn,
Dale's sister and his brothers,
And Debbie's husband Eddie,
And maybe three or four others.

The total count is hard to tally,
But let us not forget,
Grandma & Grandpa McNally,
And two more to be named yet.

Out in Boulder, Colorado,
There is loving Uncle Marty,
And Kristal's really hoping,
That he'll make it to her party.

And finally there is Davey,
Youngest Humphreys uncle of all,
He's Kristal's special buddy,
And to her he's ten feet tall.