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How can it be that when I bent to kiss you goodnight; my daughter, a beautiful young woman, lay where only yesterday a little girl had been?

When did the barrettes and ponytail ribbons of birthday party days give way to the styling comb and make up mirror of Saturday night dates?

Was it not only yesterday, crayons of all colors laid upon the table where now bottles of nail polish rest?

How can it be the buggy you filled with so many dolls has been pushed aside and new suitcases are filled instead?

Did you know that the little finger you wrapped around me was tied right to my heart?

I suspect you did. . .

It seems as though the ink has just dried on the pages of your baby book and here we are laughing over pages in your year book.

How did the ballet slippers of a little girl become the high heels of a young woman on her way?

Such a little while ago you cried, "Daddy, I'm scared", and now you whisper, "Dad, don't worry, I'll be fine."

When did the teddy bear you hugged all night become the photo of someone you've chosen for life?

How can it be the smell of baby powder turned instead to the scent of perfume, the giggles of a little girl became the tears of a teen, and the roses tiny fingers picked were treasured like the petals of a prom bouquet?

Wasn't it only yesterday ruffles and tea parties colored my world pink, and today a new address and a good-bye kiss stain my world blue?

How did it happen so quickly, and when I stop to realize, all my golden tomorrows will bask in the memories of pink yesterdays.

Thank you Lord for pink yesterdays.

To my wonderful daughter Diane