Sadness and pain surrounds us right now,
We all watch in fear and wonder just how.
How this meaningless act could ever take place?
How a spineless coward disappeared without trace?

He'll have to answer to God someday,
Until then, we should all just pray.
Pray for each other, and our loved ones too,
At a time like this, what else can we do?

We must try to remember when sadness brings a frown,
That now we have angels up there smiling down.
They may be with God, but their memory shines bright.
For they'll be the star that guides you at night.

When a gentle breeze blows on by,
Picture your loved one way up in the sky.
Looking down upon you and sending a sign,
A message to you that says "I am fine".

If we all pull together through this horrible sin,
We can show this beast that he never will win.
He took down our buildings, a most cowardly act,
But his day will come, and this soon will be fact.

Copyright 2001, ~Dena Diamantopoulos~, All Rights Reserved.

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